Private Dog Training

Private one-on-one sessions at your home while you work

Training a dog right takes time – but can you find the time to train your dog? If not, you’re not alone: many dog owners are just too busy to train their dogs themselves. Thats why Bright Lights offers Day Training.

Day Training is dog training done at your home by a professional dog trainer. Bright Lights can provide Day Training while you’re at the office, or you can attend sessions and we’ll train your dog while teaching you how it’s done.

Training with the utmost respect

Trainer with dog

We pride ourselves on coaching people with the utmost respect, compassion, clarity and patience that you can expect from a true professional. Ultimately you are the one who will be living with your dog, so It is important for us to communicate clearly with owners about how they can best support the progress their dog makes during training sessions. Additionally, there are some training issues that take more owner involvement and we provide personal attention while coaching owners with their pups. We do most of the heavy lifting for you, so training with your dog is easier and enjoyable.

“Besides her knowledge and experience, she has a friendly, gentle manner that is absolutely wonderful toward both dogs and humans!  Never condescending, but always professionally assertive, Shelley has taught us so much..”
Frank and Betsy Fonseca

Why Day Training?

Because Day Training provides unique benefits for you and your dog:

  • Time Saved: We train your dog for you – while you get on with your busy day
  • Convenience: We come to your house when you want us to – no driving, no scheduling conflicts
  • Personalized Instruction: We give your dog undivided attention – and specifically focus on want you want her to learn
  • Results: We are professionals with training, experience and expertise – so we know how to create “aha” moments for dogs and people

A Training Plan personalized for you

Every dog and family is unique, so we conduct an initial 90-minute Consultation Session at your home with you and your dog to determine how often and how many sessions would work best for your situation. We focus the Consultation not only on how your dog behaves, but how you want your dog to behave. We then create a training program designed to create those light bulb moments and deliver your desired outcomes as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

Enjoy your dog more!

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