Training your dog to be the kind of well-behaved, easy-to-live-with family member everyone loves takes time: and lots of it. But it doesn’t have to take all your time away.

Bright Lights Dog Training caters to the busy person who wants a well-mannered dog. We take care of everything, from teaching your dog everyday commands to fixing the specific behavioral problems that you want solved.

And we do it all at your house – even while you’re at work

Our Day Training sessions are private, one-on-one lessons tailored to your dog’s individual needs. It’s an exceptionally fast, convenient, practical, and effective way to get long-lasting results with minimal effort and no stress.

We’ll also check in with you periodically to demonstrate what your dog has learned and teach you the commands she now understands. Or you can join in the sessions and learn how to train your dog – with easy-to-use positive reinforcement methods that work for virtually any behavior or situation.

Bright Lights,
Bright Ideas

Ever have an epiphany – a split-second when all the puzzle pieces click together in your mind and you suddenly see the big picture? When a light bulb flashes above your head and the sum suddenly becomes greater than its parts?

Bright Lights makes those vital “aha!” moments happen for dogs. Many trainers can teach dogs new skills and behaviors. But Bright Lights also trains dogs to connect the dots, changing the way they think.

There’s more to turning a dog’s “got it!” light bulb on than merely flicking a switch. You need a holistic, comprehensive, pragmatic trainer who respects your dog’s inherent intelligence and understands how dogs learn.

Enjoy your dog more!

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