Fun, exercise and happy dogs

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your beloved dog is having a great adventure while you are away at work? At least someone is having fun!

You can fulfill your dog’s needs for exercise, mental stimulation and socialization with our group walks. Besides maintaining good health, behavior problems can be greatly reduced through adequate exercise.

We are a boutique dog walking company that maintains small numbers and we choose group members very carefully for compatibility and temperament to ensure safety and comfort for everyone. This way every dog feels like part of the family and not just a number.

Dog Walker Shelly Leong, walking dogs at the beach in San FransicoWe are actively hiking and playing on beautiful beaches and nature trails for a minimum of one hour. Closely supervised by a certified dog walker who is trained in pack management and safety, you can rest assure that your dog is in good hands.

“Shelley is fantastic, she cares deeply for Davey and his well-being, and he always comes back from his adventures both exhausted and happy.”
David Conway

Enjoy your dog more!

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