Group Classes

We are delighted to announce the following group classes:

  •  Curb your Enthusiasm

Shelley will be co-teaching this class together with a fantastic trainer, Aishe Berger, owner of SF Puppy Prep:


Teach your adolescent pup to mind their ‘p’s and ‘q’s in mixed company!

This workshop is for anyone that has a confident teenage pup (age 6 months-1 year)  who has been or is just starting to be overzealous when greeting people and other dogs, both inside and out in the world.
• Teach them to “chill-out” with doggy zen exercises
• Train socially acceptable ways to say “hi” to visitors or strangers.
• Develop your dogs listening skills and attention on you.
• Install solid impulse control cues such as Waits and Leave-its.

• Techniques to prevent potential situations from getting out of hand
• How to use your new knowledge to easily build-in great training habits in real life contexts.

• Make it all an enjoyable way to spend time with your dog

Open to all pups ages 6mo-12mo
Limited to 6 dogs